We Talk To Madeleine Shaw



The healthy food coach, blogger and author reveals her secrets to getting a glow

H&F: Tell us about your diet philosophy..

‘It’s about getting maximum nutrition from meals. I cook everything from scratch using whole foods, don’t exclude food groups and avoid anything processed, packaged or refined. I haven’t always eaten this way: I was secretly bulimic for several years after my parents divorced and one of my best friends died when I was 16. It wasn’t until I moved to Australia at 18 that I realised there are better ways deal with life’s stresses. My philosophy has evolved from my own experiences, studying nutrition, lots of reading and trying new foods.’


H&F: What does ‘getting your glow’ mean to you?

‘It means if you eat right, exercise well and reduce your stress, your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, and you’ll experience an internal transformation that’s far more effective than applying creams. The ultimate aim of my new Glow Guides App* (featuring workouts, meal plans with over 70 recipes, and guided meditations covering different issues such as body love) is to help women feel nourished, strong, calm and confident so they can sparkle from within.’


H&F: What is your approach to beauty?

‘I’m a bit lazy with make-up: if it’s a choice between putting it on and cooking breakfast, I’ll cook breakfast. I choose natural products without parabens and pesticides, especially with body moisturisers (coconut oil is my favourite), toothpastes and deodorants. Once you start thinking about what you put in your mouth, it’s natural to think more about what you put on your skin.’


H&F: You’re a social media superstar. How do you stay real and keep calm?

‘What you see is just me and what I get up to. I never feel pressure to be something I’m not, so you won’t see pics of me posing in a bikini! I used to relax with yoga (I qualified as a Vinyasa Flow instructor last year), but these days I find doing anything work-related can get my brain chattering and a workout can suddenly turn into a filming session, so I prefer going to the pub with my boyfriend or playing a game of Monopoly with my family to unwind now.’


H&F: What inspires you to keep creating recipes?

‘Helping people discover how pleasurable healthy eating can be, while challenging those who think it’s boring. Food is such a diverse thing, and there are so many ingredients and ways of merging them together; the combinations are endless. I feel I’m only just scratching the surface.’

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