Tone Up At Home: The Famous Easy Home Workout


Easy Home Workout

Get Fit in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Whether you’re prepping for or recuperating from the holidays, you can totally tone up in the comfort of your home without having to worry about who’s looking at you in a gym.

Home workouts have always played a critical role in the routines of the fittest people I know. Not only are they convenient, but they offer a little variety when the gym becomes too repetitive. Whether you’re tight on time or just looking for a change, this quick and easy home workout will help keep your fitness and weight loss goals on track.

There are a few key principles to any successful home workout.

First, it has to be appropriate for the space you have. If you live in a condo, you can’t include sprints in your workout. Similarly, you should always make the best use possible of any equipment you have on hand. But getting a little creative can go a long way, as you’ll see from this workout.

You should also make sure that any home workout is balanced. While focused home workouts (such as a home abdominal workout) can definitely be useful, it’s important to have a series of exercises on hand that target every muscle group. This will allow your home workouts to be flexible, and increases the likelihood that you’ll stay on track with your overall routine.

The Famous Easy Home Workout

This easy home workout is ‘famous’ because it draws upon some of the best exercises that most celebrities do when prepping for a movie and is designed to be a total body workout routine that can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

As for equipment, I’m going to give you some options. If you have dumbbells or a workout bench, feel free to use them. Or use a chair or couch instead of a bench, and milk jugs, soup cans, or other household objects instead of dumbbells.

For all of these exercises, aim for 2 sets of 8-12 reps, depending on your time and your workout goals. If your focus is on building strength and size, stick to the lower end of this range. For fat burning and toning, stay around 12 reps per set.

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