The FIVE essential reasons for woman must eat apples


In the daily life, why say that women have to eat apples, because the apple not only can keep women health but also help women away from cancer and obesity. The nutrients in apples and other plant chemicals can help fight against cancer. If you want to know more useful information on apple benefit, please read this article very carefully.


Reason one: the nutrients in apples and other plant chemicals can help fight against cancer and obesity

Obesity will not only affect women’s daily work, but also the daily life and beauty, furthermore, it is easy to suffer from cancer. A Japanese study group followed up for 9 years on 15054 cases of adult female, eventually found 668 cases of female getting cancer. The statistical analysis found that, compared with normal weight women, the risk of being overweight or obese women’s cancer risk rise 29%-47% in women. The higher body mass index, the higher risk of suffering from breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer and carcinoma of gallbladder greater. Research suggests that overweight or obesity is a risk factor for cancer. So what method can make women lose weight and prevent cancer together? Indeed, frequently eat apples.

Apple contains the traditional nutrients and dietary fiber, but also rich in flavonoids, which is natural antioxidant. Compared with other fruits, the free flavonoids in apple is higher, so it is easier to be absorbed by human body. These natural antioxidants can make the genetic material DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) against oxidative stress damage, so there is a strong anti-cancer effects.


Reason two: eating apple can prevent osteoporosis

Apple contains mineral elements boron and manganese which can enhance bone. An American study discovers that boron can greatly increase the blood concentration of estrogen and other compounds, and these substances can effectively prevent calcium loss. Medical experts say that the if the menopausal women can intake of 3 grams of boron every day, so their calcium loss rate can be reduced by 46%, so the menopausal women eat more apples is conducive to calcium absorption and utilization, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.


Reason three: ate one apple every day (best to eat with the skin) can prevent stroke

The apple is advantageous to women’s health. It is better to eat apple together with its skin, because compared with apple fresh, the flavonoids content is higher in apple peel, and the anti oxygen activity is stronger, which can prevent stroke in elderly women. But there are may much pesticides used in the apple planting process, so if you not carefully cleaning apple before eating, the chemical fertilizer and pesticide retention in apple skin can lead to leukemia and other diseases. If you cannot make sure the apple is clean, it is better to remove the peel before eating.


Reason four: apple contains a variety of heart disease prevention elements

Apple is rich in folic acid, which is the major component of vitamin B, which helps preventing heart disease. The anti oxidants in apple are beneficial to the heart health, and the apple fiber, pectin, antioxidants and other ingredients can lower the body bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol content, letting the “bad” cholesterol clogged blood vessels time later than normal, and the “bad” cholesterol clog arteries earlier the time, means the risk of heart disease higher.

One normal size apple only contains 60 to 100000 calories, no fat and sodium, so it will be the best food for the diet women.


Reason five: apple can neutralize human acidic substances

70% of the disease occurred in the acidic physique women, while the Apple is an alkaline food, so eating apples can quickly neutralize acidic substances (including too much acid metabolite produced by the movement and fish, meat, eggs and other acidic food produced in body), enhancing the strength and disease resistance.


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