The Best Cupping Sets to Promote Healing

young woman receiving cupping treatment on back

Cupping sets are taking the world by storm as an alternative healing method. If you want to give them a try, check out these effective options.

Cupping sets essentially suction onto your skin, creating a vacuum that isolates muscle tissue. Many medical professionals tout cupping therapy for its ability to relieve tension, improve blood circulation, and remove toxins from your body. Furthermore, cupping is also considered beneficial for your respiratory health.

If these benefits sound good to you, take a look at these cupping sets.

What to Look for in a Cupping Set

Listed below are the key features:

  • Count: They often come in sets of 12 or 24 pieces (some sets include up to 30 cups). Keep in mind that the number of cups that the set includes will ultimately affect the price.
  • Sizes: Each set features different cup sizes that usually range from a 0.7-inch to
    2.7-inch diameter (and everything in between). The larger the cup, the greater the surface area you can cover. Larger cup sizes are ideal for treating your back, and smaller cup sizes are better for areas such as your face or neck.
  • Biomagnetic Needles: Some professional cupping sets come with removable magnetic points that serve a similar function to acupuncture needles. Most people make use of the magnetic points as an alternative to what is known as “needling.”

Best Professional-Grade: Cupping Warehouse Supreme Set

Professional-grade clear silicone cups lined up on hands

These sturdy silicone cups require a professional therapist to apply them because they produce a stronger and deeper suction. They can help you rehabilitate and heal tissues in many different parts of your body. The hardness of the silicone material is what sets this cupping set apart from the rest.

Best Variety Pack: Hansol Cupping Therapy Set

a cupping set with 30 total pieces; cups are lined up by the box and accessories

This cupping set by Hansol comes with 30 individual cups along with a pumping handle and extension tube. It is perfect for anyone who runs a rehabilitation clinic or makes use of cupping sets on a daily basis. Professionals in sports medicine also recommend this particular set for quick and timely recoveries.

Best Anti-Aging Option: Facial Cupping Set by DoSensePro

a small facial cupping kit with a carrying bag

This is the ultimate anti-aging option when it comes to cupping sets. Facial cups are incredibly effective at removing wrinkles and healing skin with collagen deficiencies. They work for all skin types, and they will help eliminate scarring caused by acne, cellulite, excessive smiling, and other infirmities.

Best for Beginners: Cupping Therapy Set by CFHBF

a small cupping set with four clear cups

This cupping set is a popular option for beginners because it offers incredible ease of use. The suction process only takes minutes to complete, and you receive the same benefits that compare to half an hour of a deep massage. You can wash out the cups by hand, and they will air-dry naturally. You can also take the entire set with you while traveling.

Best Value Set: Kangzhu Cupping Therapy Set

a large cupping set with pressure release valves shown by its packaging

In terms of value, there is no better option than this one. The cupping set includes 24 individual cups that come in several different sizes as well as pressure release valves that are easy to use. It also features optional biomagnetic therapy for achieving continuous and proportional pressure on your skin. The set comes with instructions for beginners.

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