The Best Back Belt for Lumbar Support


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Chronic back pain can stop people from enjoying their daily activities and cause them to miss out on important events because of unmanageable aches. If your scoliosis, sciatica, herniated disk, or sore muscles are disrupting what you love most, a back support belt may be able to help. These elastic bands are created to gently compress your body in a way that aids the muscles and spine. Get back to your everyday life and manage your back pain with the help of a back support belt. Here are some fantastic ones we recommend.

Purchasing a Back Support Belt

Keep these things in mind while shopping for your perfect belt:

  • Closure System: Highly adjustable straps that use Velcro to cinch to your waist are ideal for creating a comfortable fit both over and under clothing. Hook and loop designs are less customizable when it comes to size but provide a stiffer closure. Avoid buttons, as the fabric can ripple and show texture beneath thin shirts and pants.
  • Material: Whether you are looking for a belt for all-day wear or for specific activities, the material should be comfortable on your skin and breathable. Cotton blends are great for wicking moisture while still allowing for some stretch. Polyester is durable, lightweight, and abrasion-resistant, making it another viable fabric for your back belt.
  • Features: For extra-tight compression, look for a back support belt that has two layers of belting. This system keeps the back belt tight and in place all day. If the elastic compression doesn’t give you enough support, consider a back support belt with internal plastic boning or a lumbar pad.

Top Choice: FREETOO Back Braces for Lower Back Pain Relief

A person wearing a black back support belt that has two straps on each side.

This brace is equipped with everything you need to start relieving your back pain. Four aluminum stays and two steel springs are sewn into the waist to provide solid support that goes beyond compression. The material features 3D knitting technology that allows that fabric to stretch in four directions. The inner belt is designed with two anti-skid bands that keep the straps in place while you are moving. The smaller outer strap uses non-scratchy Velcro to ensure that you experience a comfortable but tight fit.

Best for Back Pain: Sparthos Back Support Belt

A person pulling the side straps of a black back support belt around his waist.

Are you experiencing back and nerve pain due to medical reasons? This belt was created specifically to relieve your intense symptoms. This back belt features flexible elastic mesh that conforms to your body for comfortable wear. Whether you are exercising, gardening, or going on a stroll, the belt stays in place, thanks to the vertical support stays that stabilize your back and prevent the fabric from rolling. On hard days, you can attach the removable lumbar pad for extra-stiff support.

Best for Weight Lifting: Iron Bull Strength Weightlifting Belt

A white camo back support belt against a white background.

This belt is designed with a 4-inch wide Velcro strap and 6-inch wide front and rear panels to add support in targeted areas. Quickly tighten this belt with its roller buckle system that automatically locks when you stop pulling the strap. The interior of the belt uses neoprene fabric for maximum durability during intense workouts, while the exterior has mesh fabric that keeps your back cool and comfortable. If the camo white option isn’t your style, choose from one of the five other colorful options that will have you feeling confident in the gym.

Best for Pregnancy: KEENHEALTH Maternity Belly Band for Lower Back Support

A pregnant woman wearing a beige back support belt with her hand resting on her lower belly.

As your belly grows during pregnancy, your spine, back muscles, and pelvic floor will start feeling the weight. With this breathable pregnancy belt, you can take on whatever your little one can throw at you. The flexible fabric is focused in the front of the band, so you are able to wear the belt throughout your pregnancy, while the back features durable Velcro straps that keep the belt secure. When wearing this belt, you might see improvement in abdominal pain and balance, allowing you to get back to daily life without the fear of severe aches.

Best Budget: Ergodyne ProFlex 1650 Back Support Belt

A black back support belt with two suspenders.

If you are looking for a support belt with fewer bells and whistles, this budget-friendly option is ideal. This back support belt features a single Velcro strap that allows you to adjust the pressure on your lower back. The belt is supported by a special power panel and two suspender straps. These straps are adjustable and detachable, so you can easily attach them for heavy lifting or remove them for daily use. This belt also comes in a large range of sizes, from XS to 4XL.

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