Starting a new day with Longjing Tea


When it comes to the tea of China, I’m sure Longjing tea will cross your mind. Longjing tea is one of the most famous tea in China, its unique flat leaf shape and a brew that is unlike any other green tea make it famous all aroung the world .also known as Dragon Well tea. It is produced mostly by hand and renowned for its high quality, earning it the China Famous Tea title.


There are various definitions of Longjing; however a common definition is that authentic Longjing at least has to come from the Zhejiang province in China,with the most conservative definition restrict the type to the various villages and plantations in the West Lake area in Hangzhou. If you are planning a trip to Hangzhou, you can’t miss the chance to taste the authentic Longjing.


It’s also easy to brew the tea when you at home, for best infusion results, just need water at around 75-80 °C or 167-176 °F for brewing, you can use a glasses cup to enjoy the beauty of stretching tea. The smell will greet your nose in the morning of a new day.Nothing is as refreshing as a cup of hot Longjing tea on a new day.


Come to Hangzhou and visit the local Longjing tea plantation, Here you can pick tea leaves under the instruction of locals, watch the roasting process, also enjoy the fabulous Chinese tea!

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