Seat Covers That Will Work for You and Your Family


Dog lying down sleeping on the back seat of a car. He is wearing a harness which is secured with a clip and strap. He is lying on a dog seat cover.

By Lori Straus

Finding the interior of your car too bland? Or do your kids dirty the back seat too often? Tired of vacuuming pet hair? Consider seat covers. They’ll protect your seats from all sorts of abuse, leaving your interior with minimal damage when it comes time to resell, which can mean more money for your used vehicle. However, with the myriad options for seat covers out there, it can be hard to know what you need. In this blog post, we’ll discuss different features to look for in seat covers.

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Breathability in Your Seat Covers

Manufacturers make seat covers with a wide range of fabrics and materials. Whatever you choose, ensure the fabric is breathable. If you purchase seat covers with a non-breathable fabric, you’ll find yourself sweating, which no one enjoys, and sticking to the covers, which can leave you feeling even ickier.

Waterproof Coverings

Water can enter your vehicle as rain on your umbrella, snow melting on your coat, and drinks held by you and your kids. Seat covers made from a breathable waterproof fabric will keep your original seat fabric dry. Add fitted mats over your carpet, and water will barely have a chance to cause any lasting damage in your vehicle interior.

Cover the Backs of Your Front Seats

Especially useful for families with kids whose feet rest on the back of the front seat are covers for the backs of the front seats. My husband and I used these for several years when our kids were small. A bonus you’ll frequently find: pockets for your children’s drinks, snacks, and car-safe toys.

Seat Covers for Your Dog

One of the easiest ways to protect your vehicle’s interior from your pet is to get an appropriate seat cover. You can let the seat cover collect the hair and dirt dogs bring with them and wash it later. If you have a dog seat belt, though, ensure it can still be used safely with the seat cover.

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Heated Seat Covers

Although heated seats are becoming common in new cars, if your car is older, you can buy heated seat covers. Now you can stop freezing your buns off when you sit in your car in the winter!

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Try Pinterest

If you love sewing and are looking for a new project, check out Pinterest for car seat cover ideas. If you make your own, you can choose your fabric, design, and functionality. You can also skip the features you don’t want and include more of the ones you need!

Protect Your Seats, Improve Resale Value

It never hurts to add personality to your vehicle. But a clean interior means less work for the detailing department and a product that will be easier for the car dealer to sell. Seat covers need not cost much, but they’ll save you cleaning time while you own your vehicle and hopefully bring in a little extra money when you’re ready to sell.

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