Salford community writers group launches, "Switch on, Write on, Read On"


Swinton-based community writers group, SWit’CH (Swinton Writers in t’ Critchley House) is set to launch its first anthology of work, “Switch On, Write On, Read on” on Saturday 17th September.

The anthology is an ensemble of fictional stories, poems and scripts penned by the writers, on topics ranging from teenage dating in the 1960s, to the experience of an immigration officer in Hastings in 1066.

Their work is complemented by illustrations from ‘Paint Pots and Pencils’, St. John’s Church, Irlams-o’ th’-Height.

The anthology will be launched at Salford’s Big Day Out in Swinton, on Saturday 17th September.

The group were founded in March 2015 by Bill Cameron, and are run in association with the Swinton branch of AgeUK, based at Critchley House, in the town centre. Their weekly meetings provide an opportunity for writers, proof-readers and editors to get together, and use and develop their skills.

Founder Bill Cameron said: “I’m delighted at the progress in eighteen months of a loose group of individuals having fun and writing to the point where we have published ‘Switch On, Write On, Read On’.


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