Protein shakes for women



Looking for a protein shake that really packs a punch? We can help

Protein shakes are often associated with bulging, muscly men who’ve just left the gym after a session of god knows what.

But actually, women need protein too, and if you’re an especially active one, chances are you need a fair amount of the stuff.

You might find it tough to get enough protein through food if you exercise a lot, or your busy lifestyle might not allow you to prepare as many of your meals as you’d like. This is where protein shakes come in. You can chug one back immediately after a tough session to get the protein to your muscles quickly, and you can carry it in your bag until you need it. It’s like they were made for us.

There are a lot of options on the market these days, so make sure you opt for a high-quality one that tastes good, too. You want to look forward to your post-exercise treat, after all. Here are our picks of the best protein shakes.

Protein World Slender Blend (£32)

Featuring a unique blend of whey protein and fat-fighting nutrients such as raspberry ketones and green tea, this weight loss-based protein drink comes in four yummy flavours. It’s also vegetarian and gluten-free.

Maxitone Definity Protein Plus (24.99)

Not only is this shake packed with protein making it perfect for a post-workout meal, but it also boasts 21 vitamins and minerals, ensuring you’re getting the nutrients you need on a daily basis.

PhD Woman Support & Recovery (£21.59)

It’s not just the fact that this shake can be used before and after exercise, or that it’s full of vitamins and minerals perfect for women that makes us love it. It’s the to-die-for Chocolate Cookie flavour that we just love.

Solgar Whey To Go (£15.31)

With no artificial sweeteners and extracted using a low heat and no chemicals, this is definitely the health-conscious woman’s choice. The hydrolysed form that the whey takes also makes it super-absorbant.

Nature’s Plus Ultra Energy (£23.86)

For those who need to steer clear of dairy, this blend of pea, rice and soy protein is perfect. It also boasts a low GI and can double up as your daily multivitamin.

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