PRO meal: Greek chopped salad – A Produce and Protein Packed Meal


So far, this week has been a definite change-up from last week’s vacation and restaurant extravaganza.

We’ve had three nights of at-home dinners and I prepped some food for the week,

including my current favorite bread

Elana's Pantry Paleo Bread


Amazeballs in the making

a couple of leftover turkey burgers, courtesy of the Pilot’s mad grilling skills

and chopped veggies for salads.

chopped veggies

I also prepped that angel food cake…. and half of it is gone.

My mom came over and enjoyed a slice, but the rest of the destruction was caused by me, myself and I. Oops.

Having meal components on hand makes such a huge difference when I quickly want a healthy meal. Most of the work is already done!

Like today’s salad:

Greek salad with tempeh

all I had to do was pan-fry some tempeh, chop a few olives and make a quick vinaigrette. 7 minutes and lunch is served.

This is definitely a PRO meal (lots of produce and protein!) and something that’s perfectly portable to take to work or school.

Hope you love it!

Chopped Greek salad - tempeh adds a protein boost to this healthy meal

Greek Chopped Salad


-chopped cucumber, bell pepper and tomato (washed and prepped Sunday afternoon)

-pan-fried tempeh (instructions below). You could also use chicken, chickpeas or tuna!

-fresh mint and/or parsley

-olives and/or goat cheese

-Easy vinaigrette: 1 t rice wine vinegar, 1 t extra virgin oil oil, sprinkle of sea salt, garlic powder, pepper and oregano

1. For the tempeh, heat a skillet on medium heat. Add some olive oil (you need oil to make it nice and crispy!)

Tempeh 1 of 1

or coconut oil, then thin slices of tempeh. While one side cooks, season the other side with your favorite spices (I used garlic powder, sea salt, pepper and smoked paprika).

2. Flip and season the other side.

Tempeh 1 of 1 2

While the tempeh is cooking, whisk the dressing at the bottom of a large bowl.

Dressing 1 of 1

3. Add your veggies, stir to combine, and then the tempeh (or tuna, chickpeas or chicken) and stir to combine. Top with fresh parsley and/or mint.

Chopped 1 of 1

Super easy, super satisfying.

Salad 1 of 1 2

What quick lunch combos are you loving right now?

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