Overwhelmed by the demands of the digital world? How to set online boundaries at work and at home


Do you often feel you can’t say no? That you are spread too thinly between your work, emotional relationships and family, and your responsibilities and chores? Perhaps you feel overloaded with to-do lists, promises to friends, financial obligations, or that intangible pressure to succeed in everything you do, all at the same time.

With demands coming from all sides, it is surprisingly easy these days to get buffeted along without ever really feeling in control. Yet, there is an ­alternative to living in this modern chaos – a way of reframing your attitude and behaviour so that you can take charge of your life and not allow others undue influence or control.

That solution is boundaries.

We often talk about establishing boundaries for our children, but then never think to set them for ourselves. Yet deciding on clear personal boundaries has never been more important.

Life has changed beyond…

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