Other methods of lowering blood pressure


A glass of beetroot juice

A study published in the authoritative magazine “Journal of hypertension”, a cup of 250 ml of beetroot juice can make the blood pressure of patients with hypertension decreased nearly 7%. Red beet juice containing rich organic nitrate, able to lower blood pressure. The researchers also found that eating high nitrate foods, such as celery, cabbage and spinach, can play a hypotensive role.

Jogging every week

A cardiovascular study in Copenhagen looked at twenty thousand people aged 20-93 years and found that jogging an hour a week could extend life expectancy by about 6 years. Studies have shown that jogging has multiple health effects, increasing oxygen intake and lowering blood pressure.


Multiple negative oxygen ions

The negative ions can effectively repair the aging cell membrane potential, helping it become normal with negative cells, a repulsion so as to effectively reduce the blood viscosity, erythrocyte sedimentation rate to slow down. At the same time, negative ions can enhance the negative trend of colloidal particles in blood, increase the colloidal stability of plasma proteins and maintain the normal state of blood. Clinical trials show that the negative ion can effectively dilating coronary artery, increase the coronary artery blood flow, heart rate adjustment to vascular response and blood flow rate returned to normal, so as to relieve angina and restore normal blood pressure has good effect, through the ECG radiographic findings, improve heart function and myocardial nutritional status can be negative ion. The air anion is equivalent to the nature is the small size of negative oxygen ions is also called light ions or small ions, also called information for its ecological level of negative oxygen ions. Has the characteristics of migration distance, high activity, good for people is the small ions, also known as light ion, which has good biological activity only small ions or the small ions can enter the organism with the development of science and technology, the small class size ecological negative ion generation technology has been published. Negative ion converter technology has effectively overcome the bottleneck of the traditional negative ion generation technology, can generate small size, equivalent to the nature of the high activity of negative ions.

Less salt

Humoral salt increased, the arterial blood volume increased, blood pressure increased. The blood pressure Association experts pointed out that the salt is not only to reduce salt intake, but also eat processed foods, such as cookies, breakfast cereals, snack and cooked meat, 80% salt intake comes from the food we. Scientific salt quantity: 100 grams of food up to no more than 1.5 grams, at least not less than 0.3 grams.

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