Muscle Toning Meal Plan


muscle toning meal plan

Muscle Toning Meal Plan

We all know how important our diet is to our health and well-being.

But what if I told you your meal plan was just as important as your gym routine when it came to getting ripped and toning your muscles?

Well, it’s true. This is probably the most commonly overlooked component of any muscle toning program, especially among beginners. I cannot state this enough: What you put into your body is just as important as how you use your body!

So if you’re looking to tone up, build lean muscle mass, and get ripped, keep reading…

Muscle Toning Diet – Some Basic Principles

When it comes to lean muscle mass, you need to ensure that you’re getting an adequate amount of protein in your diet and the right combination and variety of amino acids. Proteins and amino acids are the building blocks of your muscles – without enough of them, you simply won’t build the muscle!

If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do (besides hitting the gym 4-5 days a week) is invest in a high quality protein supplement. And I emphasize on high quality because the cheap ones that you find in grocery stores and even some of the local supplement stores are full of fillers and artificial sugars which do nothing but give you major gastrointestinal discomfort.

I recommend one protein shake in the morning and a second within an hour of your workout. This will ensure adequate fuel for your muscles. Here are my top picks for protein supplements:

  • Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion – This is one of the best protein supplements on the market and the thousands of reviewers definitely agree hence why it has won so many awards. Try the milk chocolate or delicious vanilla, you simply can’t go wrong with these flavors.
  • Optimum 100% Natural Whey – This is a basic protein supplement that’s great for making smoothies. A definite top seller among the pros.
  • MHP Probolic-SR Muscle Feeder – This is an excellent, sustained-release protein that will ensure your muscles receive the fuel they need over the course of your day.

In addition to protein supplements, I also recommend getting some key amino acid support especially after your workouts if you notice that you have sore muscles for days after your workout. The best to keep in your kitchen is Scivation Xtend and Optimum Glutamine, two excellent (and scientifically proven) options to support muscle growth and recovery. Another great recovery option is Muscle Pharm Recon which has a ton of buzz lately.

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