Modern-Day Beasts That Actually Exist


Once upon a time, animals were absolutely enormous. As humans and other predators began to roam the earth, animals began to decrease from their once colossal sizes. Many of these animals like dinosaurs,  mammoths, and saber-tooth tigers have since perished, but there are, however, some anomalies that are still around. These modern beasts might be strange mutations from larger mammals belonging to a different time. One cannot explain it, but they are with us today nonetheless. Take a look at these modern-day monsters.

Owner Claims That 3,682 Pound Bull Is “All Muscle”

Meet Field Marshall, a mega bull from England. In 2009, the 6’5 beast weighed in at a whopping 3,682 pounds. This was particularly noteworthy, as the previous year, he weighed 300 pounds less. His previous 80-year-old owner, Arthur Duckett, shared with the media: “He’s in very good health and there’s no reason why he won’t keep on growing.” Adding that “he’s not fat – he’s all muscle.”

Arthur has since passed away and Farmer Gary Bowden now looks after him. His three-year-old daughter, Sophie, shares a special bond with the bull. She feeds Field Marshall with cattle cake and bales of hay.

The Giant Percheron Stallion Named Moose

Meet the gigantic horse named Windermere’s North American Maid (a.k.a. Moose). He’s not your average horse. He’s a draft horse and a Percheron supreme world champion. According to his owners at Windermere Farms, he’s won many championships throughout the United States and Canada.

They shared, “We started calling North American Maid ‘Moose’ because he was always such a big colt. Now he stands 19 hands and moves with incredible action.” They also used him in their breeding program: “We feel Moose is the complete package in a Percheron stallion; one where you can acquire the size to be competitive in the show ring without sacrificing style.”

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