Man follows through promise to fly Tinder match to China; NZ next stop


The dating app Tinder has been known to be a breeding ground for fake profiles and casual hook-ups, but one man’s story proves you might just find true love.

Thomas Gallagher of Charlotte, North Carolina, wasn’t looking for romance, he was just looking to kill a bit of time on a work trip to Chicago, he wrote on Reddit.

He swiped right on the Tinder user named Grace and started messaging her. As the conversation developed, he promised he would fly her to China if she took him to New Zealand. She agreed.

Chicago To China from Thomas on Vimeo.

“We have been flying to see each other each weekend for the past 6 months and landed in Beijing yesterday,” he wrote on Tuesday.

“We’re booked for New Zealand in February.”

Gallagher said he had never expected to meet anyone over Tinder. He didn’t even have time on his schedule anyway to meet Grace, but the pair continued to message each other for a month before actually meeting in person in March.

“I was there for work and wasn’t even able to meet her when we matched. I probably wouldn’t have even if I was able.

“Tinder was more of a ‘hot or not’ validation / confidence booster but I never was expecting or wanting to actually meet anyone on there.

“I’m so happy I did though.”

The pair have shared the video of their flight to Beijing as proof that the promise made through Tinder chat was made good.

The pair laugh at their meet-cute story through the dating app.

“I guess everyone wants some ‘princess bride’ story about their relationship. But some people meet on Tinder. As terrible as that sounds.”

He expressed worry that the bar would be set too high, given that after only six months they were already flying around the world.

But he also seemed excited about their future.

“I can’t wait for whatever is next.”

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