Look back in hunger: the best and worst restaurants of 2016



What was the most memorable dish you ate in 2016?

The butter at Le Cochon Aveugle in York. In the words of my wife: “Worth having a heart attack for.”

Where did you most enjoy eating out in 2016? 

The Nut Tree Inn, a thatched-roof 15th-century pub in the Oxfordshire countryside. No better place for a long, lazy lunch in the humming summer sun.

What’s the 2016 trend you’d most like to see the back of? 

Sharing plates. I don’t see why every new restaurant has to do them. It makes you feel like Fifties American teenagers on a date, sucking straws from the same milkshake. Which is a bit weird, if you’re just out with a friend.

What would you like to see more of in 2017?

Indifferent waiters. I feel bad for staff who are under orders to ask whether everything is “all right with your meal” every three…

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