How to fix a cavity without going to the dentist


Even the smell of the dentist’s office bothers some people, not to mention the unpleasant feeling of dental drill repair teeth that involves several dissimilar drilling Tinnitus’s is sometimes so annoying, and painful has the tank as if it vibrates the entire head. Tooth decay is the main reason why these procedures are performed but scientists in Japan have developed a huge way to option heal cavities.

How is tooth decay?

The consequence of dental caries in teeth, are activated and several factors influence the development, like acid in your mouth (low pH) poor hygiene, extreme use of sugar in the diet and tooth fracture. All these factors cause lesions called layer enamel and following infection, deeper structures tooth dentin pulp and cement of tooth protection.


The first signs of decay are black and then larger markings plates black cavities on the outside of the teeth. As the disease progresses, you can see the formation of cavities that destroys the structures of the tooth with time. When pain appears, it means that caries reaches the nerve endings in the pulp. In that case, intervention of the dentist is required. Tooth pain usually obtains food cold or hot and worse by applying pressure on the exaggerated tooth.

Current treatment option

Depending on the severity of tooth decay, the dentist decides which steps to follow. However, all have the same purpose elimination of stakeholders of drilling tooth and the tooth filled with synthetic materials. This can be very painful and uncomfortable particularly in case of by now existing tooth pain. Not to mention that you need to visit the dentist’s office several times to cure tooth correctly before filling the hollow space.

New revolutionary approach

A group of scientists in Japan developed a paste that is better organized than standard fillings and requires no drilling. This is true in the early stages of tooth decay and prevents the reduction of tooth tissue. Eliminating the need to remove the parts affected by caries, this new method could introduce a revolution in healing standard tooth, which is still in the 21st century a painful, unpleasant, slow procedure. For now, mass is tested in experimental models and we hope that it will soon be available in every dentist’s office.

How it is used

This paste is highly concentrated acid and hydrogen peroxide, so it can reason irritation of the gums, if not used properly. So if you want to use it at home, you should ask with your dentist first.

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