How to Eat an Unripe Avocado—In a Not Gross Way

Avocados on a dark wood background.

Avocados are great for toast, guacamole, salads, and so much more. But, sometimes it feels like you have to babysit them every day to use them when they’re just right. Unripe, and they’re hard and bitter. Too ripe, and they’re brown and mushy.

Thankfully, there’s a unique hack you can use with a mandolin to eat an unripe avocado right now!

The best way to eat an unripe avocado is to peel it, core it, and slice it thinly on a mandolin. Think of something slightly thicker than potato chips. Alternatively, you can use a very sharp chef’s knife to slice them just as thinly. No need to go out and buy a special tool if you don’t already have one on hand.

Once you have thin slices of avocado, lay them flat on a plate and sprinkle with a bit of lemon juice and sea salt and leave them alone for five minutes. This method was popularized by viral food chef @thatdudecancook. You can check out the process on his TikTok.


You’ll never have to wait on an Avocado EVER AGAIN #avocado

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You can eat the avocado as-is with crackers or on toast, or use your favorite toppings to really jazz things up. Things like cherry tomatoes, microgreens, or other herbs can completely change the flavor profile of the avocado.

This hack is simple, and effective, and allows you to enjoy an avocado without having to wait for days for it to ripen on the counter. You don’t need to be a hipster or elder millennial to enjoy a daily avocado, and this trick makes it easy.

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