Home is where the heart is for baby boomers



new report taking a detailed look into the home life, retirement plans, and hobbies of baby boomers has revealed that home really is where the heart is.

The report, from home solutions retailer House of Bath, found that 55 per cent of people have developed such a strong emotional attachment to their homes over the years, they would not consider buying a new house if they won the lottery in later life.

60 per cent of those surveyed said “it’s the memories you make that make a house a home”, highlighting that there’s more to a house than simple bricks and mortar.


2000 men and women aged 50 or older were quizzed for the report, with an overwhelming majority (95 per cent) saying they believecomfort is more important than style in their homes.

52 per cent of men said the smell of cooked food is what “makes a house a home” with a further 47 per cent saying your bed is what truly transforms a house.

In contrast, 58 and 52 per cent of women said they felt cosiness and warmth, respectively, were the major contributing factors into turning a house into a home.

Additionally, nine out of ten said they would want to retire in their own home, while only 4 per cent said they would be willing to retire abroad.

The report also found the differences between the sexes in the bedroom. 22 per cent of male respondents said the key to a good night’s sleep is to have someone to sleep next to, while 23 per cent of women said the key is sleeping alone.


When asked about their concerns about growing old, 59 per cent said they are most concerned about losing their independence as they age, while 56 per cent said they feared losing their memory.

James Lowe, Managing Director at House of Bath said: “Our report clearly shows that this age group has an emotional tie with their homes and are reluctant to give them up.  With house prices being 11 times more than the annual British salary and grandparents duties beckoning, these may have a contributing factor, but it’s hard to ignore the apparent emotional attachment that the ‘Goldies’ have with their castle.

“These findings are also reflected in the buying habits of our customers, with most opting to spruce up the home with products such as artificial flowers, garden ornaments and clever storage solutions for every room, which are all best sellers, rather than look to buy a new home after a number of years.”

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