Hawley Featured in ‘SacredSpace’ Video Blog


Associate Professor of Physics Dr. Scott Hawley was recently interviewed in a new video blog, “SacredSpace,” to discuss how he has kept his faith while working in a primarily atheist field. The video was shot in Belmont’s Janet Ayers Academic Center Chapel by successful music producer, songwriter and guitarist Rex Schnelle. Schnelle has worked as a producer at Sony for 25 years and is a pastor and worship leader at Christ Community Church.

The purpose of Schnelle’s blog is to highlight individuals who successfully show their Christian faith through their vocation. Schnelle hopes to integrate faith and vocation in a way that is real and authentic.

“In these interviews and blogs, I hope to use the bridges of sharing human experiences through art, science, conversation, debate and such to reveal God’s Spirit crossing over on them and being empirically present,” Schnelle said.

In his interview, Hawley discussed how studying the sciences strengthened his commitment to worship as he experienced the wonder of God’s power and creation. This is the philosophy that sparked Schnelle’s interest in interviewing Hawley for SacredSpace.

“Scott Hawley is a dear friend, and when we first met I was intrigued by the fact that he had a Ph.D. in relativity and is such a passionate and intelligent-thinking Christian, as well as an artist,” Schnelle said.

Hawley’s finished video interview can be viewed here.

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