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Hair loss is a health condition that can affect your scalp, but also your entire body. Anyone can experience hair loss women and man, including children. There are many reasons that are causing this condition, such as: unhealthy diet, lack of minerals, some medications, stress, illness or genetics. According to the latest research almost 1/3 of the world’s population suffer from this problem.


But, you’re in luck as we have some good news. We’re offering you a natural solution that can be extremely effective for hair loss – guava leaves!

Many experts around the world claim that if you use guava leaves regularly you could regrow your hair due to vitamin B, which is the most important vitamin for a healthy hair.

How to use guava leaves?

Take a handful of guava leaves and boil them for 20 minutes in one liter of water. Then, let the mixture cool down at room temperature.

Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair roots like a tonic after you wash your hair. Or use the mixture to massage your scalp.

Make sure that you leave the mixture for a few hours and then rinse your hair. This mixture is even more effective if you sleep with it during the night. You can wear a shower cap and rinse your hair in the morning.

This amazing homemade remedy will help your hair grow like crazy and also strengthen your hair roots, you will be amazed.

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