Good diet can help you solve 6 kinds bad hair


The main cause of brown hair are including hypothyroidism; high degree of malnutrition; severe iron deficiency anemia and was recovering from bad illness, leading to a reduction of melanin in the body, so that the lack of the basic material of black hair, and the black hair gradually turned into brown or pale yellow. In addition, the regular perm, using alkaline shampoo or detergent can also cause damage to the hair to be yellow. The following is diet therapy for several causes of yellow hair.


1, dystrophic caused yellow hair

Is mainly caused by high levels of malnutrition, so it should pay attention to the deployment of diet, and to improve the body’s nutritional status. Lean meat, egg, soybean, peanut, walnut, black sesame seed contains a large number of animal protein and plant protein, also contains form cystine and cysteine the main component of hair, which are the best food for hair care.

2, acidic caused yellow hair

This is related to the acidic increasing toxins in the blood, and excessive fatigue and excessive eating sweets, fat. Under such condition, you should eat more seaweed, fish, milk, beans, mushrooms, etc.. In addition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as celery, rape, spinach, cabbage, citrus and other beneficial to neutralize acidic toxins, and then to improve the status of the bad hair.


3, copper deficiency caused yellow hair

Melanin formation process is the lack of an important copper containing “tyrosinase” in hair. Copper deficiency in vivo would affect the activity of this enzyme then to make the hair turn to yellow. Copper rich foods are animal liver, tomatoes, potatoes, celery, fruits etc..

4, the radiation caused yellow hair

Long-term exposed under radiation surrounding, such as in computer, such as radar and X optical work. If the root cause is this, you should pay attention to complementary foods rich in vitamin A, such as liver, egg yolk, milk, carrots, etc.; eat more resistant to radiation in foods, such as seaweed, high protein food, and drink more green tea.


5, functional yellow hair

The main cause include trauma, overwork, seasonal endocrine disorders, drug and chemical stimulation causes the body of melanin and melanin cells generate obstacles original. Under such condition you should eat more fish, black sesame seed, alfalfa sprouts etc.. Alfalfa can copy the active ingredients in melanoma cells, melanin regeneration function; black sesame seeds to the original biochemical melanoma; fish in the nicotinic acid can expand capillaries, enhance microcirculation, so that blood circulation, eliminate the formation of melanin disorder, make the hair removing yellow color.

6, pathogenic yellow hair

Suffering from certain diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia and recovering from illness, can make the hair from black to yellow. This situation should eat black beans, walnut, fennel, etc.. Contain melanin in black bean, a promoting role of melanin. Fennel of anisole contributes to melanoma of the original into melanoma cells, so that the glossy black hair.

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