Gifts for the Car Enthusiast in Your Life


by Lori Straus

When shopping for a gift for a serious hobbyist, knowing what to buy can be difficult. If you have any car aficionados in your life, check out our suggestions below. You might find the perfect gift yet!

Legendary Cars on Canvas

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Cheaper than framed prints, more gorgeous than photos you take with your phone, Legendary Car Canvasses offers striking images of legendary cars that will make a statement wherever they’re hung. The photographers are car enthusiasts themselves, often working in the automotive industry alongside taking amazing photos. And shipping is free to boot!

Gift Certificate for a Detail

If you know where the gift recipient likes getting their car washed, give them a gift certificate for a car detail. The beauty with this idea is that most car washes and dealerships offer packages at various price ranges, so you should find something within your gift-giving budget. But giving a car lover a gift certificate to their favourite detailing business shows you know how important maintaining their car is.

A Gift for Car Enthusiasts of All Ages: Lego

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Yes, we’re suggesting more small pieces to poke at your feet when you walk through your house, but how can you say no to a Lego fan’s excitement when you give them a Lego car kit? They may even rush opening the rest of their gifts so they can race away to their bedroom or playroom and start building.

Gift Recipient Always Looking for Keys and Phone?

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We found the perfect product, um, gift: KeySmart. Think of a Swiss Army Knife but filled with your keys and a bottle opener instead of tools. The tip has a bright LED light. It connects to the Tile app on your phone, so you can use your phone to locate your keys or your keys to locate your phone. And get this: it will even ring your phone when your phone is in silent mode.

How’s that for a smart gift?

Car Wash Kit

A car wash kit as a gift may sound like you’re suggesting the recipient clean their car more often. But this is a kit from Chemical Guys, a well-known and trusted supplier of car cleaning products. This isn’t like buying window and floor cleaner for your adult kid who still won’t clean up after themselves. Instead, it’s more like the detailing gift certificate we suggested further up but for the do-it-yourselfer.

Giving the Right Gift Is Possible

These gifts give you some latitude when considering what to buy the car enthusiast in your life. They’re not so specific to be called niche but they’re specific enough to show that you’ve put some thought into your gift, even the Lego, because, hey, what kid (real or grown) doesn’t love building cars from the ground up?

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