Exactly How to Get a Better Butt Using Just a Foam Roller



Who doesn’t want a toned backside? These moves, which incorporate a foam roller, are sure to make your muscles burn. Aim to perform each exercise 15 to 20 times on each side, three times through. Perform theexercises in the order below to keep your heart rate up as you move up and down off the floor. (Get a flat belly in just 10 minutes a day with our reader-tested exercise plan!)



Stand with one foot planted on your roller and the other firmly on the floor. Bend your knees into a squat-like position and pitch your torso forward holding your core in to protect your back. Gradually push your leg on the roller out straight to the side, keeping your other leg stable and still. Pull the leg on the roller back into starting position using your inner thighs and butt while maintaining knee over ankle on your stationary leg. For an added challenge, hold the leg on the roller out straight and add little pulses by slightly bending and raising your standing knee. Repeat on the other side. (Check out more strengthening exercises with your foam roller here.)



This one not only tones your butt, but it also strengthens your back and works your balance. Start lying on your back with your feet on the roller. Keeping your pelvis stable and roller still, lift your backside up into a pelvic bridge and hold. Once you have found your balance, lift one leg up into a bent, marching position, and then switch to the other side.  Keep your core pulled in, don’t roll up into your neck, and keep shoulders away from ears. Attempt to keep the roller still the whole time. For an added challenge, lower your backside an inch or two and pulse up on each side before switching legs.

Plié with Heel Lift


Put one foot on the roller and one on the ground in a turned out position. Make sure your legs are out far enough that when you bend your knee goes over your ankle without rolling in or out. Bend and hold in plié or squat position, then lift and lower the heel that is on the ground. Keep that roller stable and make sure your body stays in place—only your foot should move. For an added challenge, keep the heel up and add little pulses down. The lower you go, the more burn and tone you will get.

4-Part Bridging


Begin on your back on the ground with feet on top of the roller. Lift your butt into bridge position and hold until you find your balance. Send the roller out with your legs without dropping your hips. Lower your backside to the ground, and then pull the roller back in to start position. Reverse your direction. For an added challenge, lift arms up to challenge your pelvic stability and work your core. Make sure your body doesn’t rock from side to side.

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