Digital Culture Group Think – a teacher weighs in on the dark side



I teach social studies in a middle class community in southern Indiana. Our students have been steadily moving toward a teaching environment that resembles what is being described in this article. They each have one to one devices, access to virtual learning, and increasingly their classrooms are becoming paperless. As a result of all this innovation I have noticed the following:

  • The ability of a student to research and formulate valid arguments has been replaced by the first thing they Google.
  • Their ability to sustain a thought has also been replaced by the immediacy of an internet search, copy and paste.
  • The vast amount of interning resources such as games, social media, and a plethora of music and videos is a constant source of distraction.
  • Individualism is being replaced by a new kind of digital culture group think.
  • The putting out of fires of disputes has exponentially increased as students post, text, and digitally bully each other. Drama among students has reached a fever pitch.
  • Learning has become more of an illusion as powerful software tools and online editing practices replace real student creativity. The digital dog and pony show has replaced sensible learning activities that demonstrate meaningful learning.  “

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