Choosing the Best Wrist Brace for You

A person wears a black brace while typing on their laptop.

Wrist braces can help a wide range of joint ailments, making them great to have on hand just in case your wrist is going through a tough time. Whether you are dealing with minor strain from overuse or a more serious injury, the right brace can help your wrist properly heal.

When you picture a wrist brace, you are likely to imagine a stiff piece of black fabric that is bulky and uncomfortable. While those kinds of wrist braces were once common, there are now various products to aid your joints without making them feel too restricted. Here are some great wrist braces we recommend.

Purchasing a Wrist Brace

When searching for the ideal wrist brace for your injury, consider these key factors:

  • Hand Orientation: Depending on which hand is giving you problems, you will want a brace that is designed specifically for it. Some wrist braces come in sets, making them great for people dealing with strain injuries like carpal tunnel. When looking over a product, ensure that it features the correct hand orientation for you.
  • Material: Average users will enjoy a wrist brace made with comfortable fabric like cotton and polyester blends. For those using braces while working out, search for a product with extra breathable and flexible fabric.
  • Fit: Every person is different, making your wrist unique in shape and size. When searching for the perfect wrist brace, adjustable options are ideal. Multiple straps can give you more area adjustment but tend to come in more restrictive forms that rely on buckles. If you are looking for something less structured, a wrist brace with a single wrap-around strap works great.

Best Overall: HiRui Wrist Compression Strap

A close up of a man's hands clasped together in front of his torso while wearing a black wrist brace on both hands.

This wrist brace was designed for all-around support, whether you’re experiencing weightlifting strain, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel. Its single strap easily stretches around the wrist and secures on a wide Velcro base. The brace is made with neoprene material that has breathable holes to give your hands room to breathe. This brace’s use of compression allows it to fit comfortably over either wrist, and it can even be worn while you sleep.

Best for Wrist Injuries: FEATOL Adjustable Wrist Support Brace With Splints

A hand wearing a black wrist brace that wraps around the thumb and extends town the forearm.

For those facing wrist pain beyond soreness, this wrist brace provides extra-stiff support to your joint. It has an outer layer of terry cloth, a foam middle, and a velvet interior to create a fit that conforms to your body without suffocating it. Within these layers hide two plastic splints and one removable aluminum splint. No matter what size you choose, the three hook and loop adjustment straps allow you to create a perfect fit. This product does have right- and left-hand-specific designs, so select your product carefully!

Best for Working Out: HiRui Sport Wrist Support

A man wearing two black wrist braces while lifting a dumbell.

While this brace may not look as tough as the previous options, its size provides athletes the perfect amount of support. The brace is made from a neoprene blend that is breathable for extra-sweaty workouts. The single strap wraps around your wrist and attaches to the Velcro base for a secure, adjustable fit. Its small size is ideal for stabilizing your wrist joint without restricting your fingers, making it great for any workout.

Best for TFCC: WristWidget Wrist Brace For TFCC Tear

A black wrist brace with two small straps.

If you have a specific ailment related to a triangular fibrocartilage complex injury, this wrist brace is specially created for you. It supports areas of your joint without adding pressure to the injured ligament. The Wrist Widget brace might help with your grip, weight-bearing, and wrist rotation. Its hook and loop design allows you to easily adjust the size to fit your wrist.

Also Consider: Dr. Arthritis Copper Wrist Brace

A woman surrounded by baking tools and ingredients wears a black wrist brace while looking at recipe.

This wrap-around brace features unique elements that make it both supportive and comfortable. The neoprene fabric is copper-lined and provides a nonslip fit so that you can go about your daily activities without worrying about this brace moving. Its design fits both right and left hands, allowing you to support either joint with a single product. Along with the wrist brace, you get an informative handbook that includes tips, exercises, and more.

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