Bosu Ball Exercises


Bosu Ball Exercises

Bosu Ball Exercises

You may not know them by name, but you’ve probably seen them scattered around the gym floor. That blue thing that looks like half of stability ball is called a bosu, and if you haven’t incorporated it into your workout, you’re missing out in a big way,

The bosu ball, also known as a bosu balance trainer, appeared on the fitness scene relatively recently in 1999. It’s basically just an inflated rubber hemisphere that’s attached to a plastic platform, but it gives you some amazing workout options.

The primary purpose of the bosu is balance training, and the word BOSU is actually an acronym. It stands for Both Sides Up, which refers to the device being usable on either side (round side down or up, depending on the exercise). It’s typically more challenging with the round side down, but either way, balance becomes an integral part of any routine with a bosu.

By making stability and balance an issue, you can challenge your muscles in new and exciting ways. In some cases, you can even engage muscles that would normally receive very little attention.

7 Easy Bosu Ball Exercises

To get you started, I’m going to outline a number of easy but totally killer exercises to help you integrate the bosu ball into your fitness routine. The nice thing about the bosu is that it’s relatively safe and can be used at all skill levels.

Here are 7 easy bosu ball exercises to get you started:

1. Ab Crunch on Bosu Ball – To take your crunches to the next level, perform them on a bosu. You’ll have to stabilize your entire body and engage your core in a totally new way. To view this exercise, click here.

2. Bosu Ball Pushups – Flip the bosu over, and make your pushups way more challenging. Not only will you have to stabilize your arms, but you’ll also require more stabilization from your core muscles. To view this exercise, click here.

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