8 food can be called “special forces” to avoid cancer


According to the public health network reported, more and more authority studies show that some food plays the prominent role in the anti-cancer, and can be called the “special forces”. This article will give some introduction one by one.

Soybean anti breast cancer

America Georgetown University study shows, eat more soy can prevent breast cancer, which was mainly attributed to the soybean isoflavone. It is a kind of plant estrogen, which can regulate estrogen levels in the body, reducing the incidence of breast cancer. It is recommended daily intake of 30~50 grams of soy or bean products.

Tomato against prostate cancer

The University of Bristol, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford studied the researchers of 14,000 50~69 year old male diet and lifestyle. Result discovery that eating 10 servings of Tomato Weekly (about 3 pounds), can reduce male prostate cancer risk by 18%. The researchers believe that the key reason of anticancer of tomato is the antioxidant lycopene. Another study found that after heating, tomatoes lycopene release amount increased 5 times, and more easily absorbed. So it is highly recommended to eat tomatoes after cooked.


Papaya anti lung cancer

Display a “relationship between diet and health” survey released by the Chinese National University of Singapore hospital, that eat a little with papain as the representative of the orange fruit, it can reduce the risk of lung cancer, and this is due to the anti-cancer enzymes: papaya enzyme. Papaya can directly eat, can also juice drink.

Sea fish anti liver cancer

Japan’s National Cancer Research Center do a follow-up survey for 11 years on 90,000 45~74 year old men and women, that pointed out that the group that eating rich in EPA and DHA diet can reduce 36% possibility of live cancer compared with the group eat lees. The reason of sea fish anti-cancer function is from the unsaturated fatty acids which can inhibit inflammation, so it can prevent the progression of chronic hepatitis to liver cancer. Therefore, recommends two times a week to eat deep-sea fish, such as salmon and sardines.


Carrot anti colorectal cancer

South Korea Hallym University scientists found that the antioxidants contained in carrots intestinal can avoid tumor cell division, and led to the death of cancer cells. Carrots can eat fried food, can also be used to stew.

Green tea anti pancreatic cancer

The United States University of California at Los Angeles biomedical research institute staff found that an antioxidant extract from green tea (EGCG) has strong antioxidant effect, it can inhibit the metabolism of lactic acid dehydrogenation – a crucial role in pancreatic cancer cells, therefore interfere with cancer cell metabolism, and prevent pancreatic carcinogenesis, development and diffusion process. Suggested ordinary people drink three or four cups of tea a day.

Garlic anti gastric cancer

The study of tumor prevention and control in Beijing City, Peking University School of oncology research shows that garlic has a good preventive effect on gastric cancer. The paper which is published in the “analysis of Biological Chemistry” magazine pointed out that eat more garlic, the human body potential carcinogenic substance content will be less. Anticancer compounds allicin will fail after heating, so raw eat will be better. Furthermore, it is better mash put 10~15 minutes before eating, it is more beneficial to the allicin formation.


Cruciferous and greens vegetables against various cancer

A number of early studies suggest that broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and radish and other cruciferous vegetables, containing an important component of isothiocyanate sulforaphane, it can kill the cancer cells, reduce the risk of kidney cancer, esophageal cancer, oral cancer and breast cancer and other cancer. Epidemiological studies suggest that increased intake of green leafy vegetables, the risk of several cancers including esophageal cancer, gastric cancer decreased, lung cancer, breast cancer can be obviously reduced. Suggest you to increase the two kinds of food intake in the daily diet.


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