By the end of college, I was dying to graduate and jump into the real world at my first job with both feet. I had no idea what to expect, but I was ready to be on my own. What I wasn’t expecting, was just how difficult transition from college to the workforce would be. Looking back, all the caution signs and red flags were there, but I was blinded by excitement.

Tips for transitioning from college into your first job:

While you’re still in college make sure to have lots of internships. While it’s not fun working for free, it’s essential for climbing the ladder quickly. Getting out of your comfort zones is also important. During this hectic time in your life it’s so crucial to say yes to friends, work, and the unknown. College is an opportunity for exploration and growth. It’s vital to push yourself, take risks, and not be afraid to make mistakes or mess things up. It is also the time in which you should probably vamp up your resume. I know for a fact that my resume in my twenties was awful. Don’t be afraid to seek help from a professional to make your resume standout. It could be the difference between landing great first job after college or disappearing in a stack of resumes that look just like yours.

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