3 things are forbidden after sexual life


The couple have lots of issues should get your attention after your sex life. So you will know the 3 forbidden things after your sex life, please read this article thoroughly. If you like it, you can share this useful information with your best friends.

I have no idea who said that you must take a short lying rest after quick clean up after sex activity, otherwise you will regret your ignorant impulse. Furthermore this sentence has been proved by many times. When the intimate couple after their wonderful sex life, women will go to urinate, but not for men, do you know this point? Moreover, many private things can’t do at all after sex love.


1, men do not immediately urinate

To urinate after sex life in a timely will help to flush the urethra, avoid infection. For women, this is a simple and effective means of prevention of urinary tract infection. Because of the female urethral is short and straight, vulva bacteria may go into urethral to cause urethritis, cystitis, etc..

But, experts point out that male should not be eager to urinate after sex life, otherwise it will damage to the prostate, because of the male urethra is long and curved, urine through with big resistance and long time.

Sex life has just ended, corpus cavernosum penis congestion has not yet subsided, and urethral detrusor sphincter contraction has not been eliminated, this will cause the high urethral resistance and cause dysuria, even can’t piss. If eager to urinate at this situation, it will increase pressure within the urethra, with bacteria and metabolic waste urine will enter the prostate. At this situation for long time, this will easy to cause prostatitis.

Expert proposal, it is better to rest for 5 to 10 minutes after the male ejaculates, after corpus cavernosum penis congestion subsided completely, then to make a fully urination.


2, can not go to sleep immediately

A man usually feel tired after sex life, so many people like to sleep immediately, thinking this can eliminate the fatigue. In fact, you go with the opposite direction.  This will make the fatigue feeling after ejaculation continue into the second day.

Usually, from both sides of the excitement began to the end of the orgasm, the duration is about 5 to 20 minutes normally, or longer than this. In sexual life, the human sympathetic nerve in a highly nervous state, the human body various hormones are highly secretion, especially sex hormones.

Sensitive and active young people can recover quickly, and some even recover immediately. The older people, neural response is slow, relatively need long recovery time. If sleep immediately after ejaculation, the reflex function will relax all the time which is caused by fatigue, so fatigue will not disappear for long time.

After sex life, you can continue to do some daily thing, which can make your reflex recovered smoothly. If sleep immediately, slow effect of sleep and slow effects of sexual stimulation will make the fatigue lasted until the second day, let you backache.


3, do not eat cold things immediately after sex life

After couple sex life, people often feel dry and hot, thirsty, and now eat cold food, it will no any adverse effects on the reproductive system.

But, during couple sex life, due to sympathetic is excited, the gastrointestinal blood will be reduced in contrast to the usual. Therefore, before the gastrointestinal mucosa congestion back to normal situation, immediately drink ice water will make the gastrointestinal mucosa suddenly cold, will cause some damage to the gastrointestinal tract. In serious cases, may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort or pain. Whether in summer or winter. expert proposal to drink a small amount of warm boiling water, try not to drink ice water or ice drink.


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