12 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself


12 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself

By The Editors

Some random thoughts you might want to reflect on – we did!

1. Why do I like cats more than I like people?
2. Is it wrong to prefer drinking on my couch to drinking in a bar?
3. Why are scissors packaged in plastic that you need scissors to open?
4. Does Cosmo ever actually offer sex tips people should try, or are they purely designed as inspiration for Amy Schumer skits?
5. Does the five-second rule still apply, and did anyone see me just break it?
6. How much lip gloss have I eaten over the course of my life?
7. What is Beyonce doing at this very moment? (Combing her hair? On the toilet? Taking for granted the fact that people actually think about this?)
8. Did I shave my legs today?
9. Why is the weekend only two days when the workweek is five?
10. Am I doing what I really want to do? (Other than dating Ryan Gosling, of course.)
11. Is that quarter I ate when I was six still … in there?
12. Would my 12-year-old self be proud of where I am today? (We’ll answer that for you: yes; yes she would be.)









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